Lime Rendering and Cob repairs at Trebuddanon

This was once two gorgeous Cob Cottages but now converted into one. Built we believe around 1750, (goes to show how well Cob lasts) , A1 Complete Builders have been instructed to remove the sand and cement render – put on by a local builder.

In this case we have one section of the cottage rebuilt in concrete blocks and two thirds still in cob, where the two different materials meet we have applied mesh to stop any cracking in the future.

There is also a lot of cob damaged due to lumps of concrete or cement render been applied in the past, we must be very careful when  removing this material as it pulls the cob out with it.We have purchased cob blocks to make these repairs as lime render would only crack.

We have also been instructed to replace all windows with double glazed wood sashes along with the replacement of all window lintels which at present is a mixture of concrete and rotten wood. Truro Saw Mills have supplied us with Solid Oak.

A1 also has most of the internal walls on the Ground floor to lime render along with some small alterations.

Duration of time on site: 8 weeks

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