A1 Complete Builders Won the Contract to Renovate A 300 Year Old Cob Thatched Cottage in Feock.

Our clients own the thatched cottage adjoining this and have done substantial works over the years but now face a challenge in restoring this property to its former glory but very sympathetically.

The property has been empty now for some six years and had only two night storage heaters in place. There is no kitchen just a couple of cupboards and a Belfast sink and no bathroom. The old and new extensions will now benefit from a new heating system to include under floor heating and the installation of two wood burning stoves backed up by a boiler system.

This cob cottage will also benefit from four new living areas once the four extensions are built around this old frail Cottage. Extensions to include a single story lobby/bathroom, a two story lounge down and bedroom above, another single story kitchen extension and finally a two story dining room down and bedroom above.

All wood windows and doors purpose made by D.J. Newman Joinery although the cob cottage is listed and the existing windows will remain in place and have an overhaul, new sash cords etc.

The cob itself is very frail and in poor condition in various areas this will need stitching together with 6 – 12 mm stainless steel helifix bars other areas will need to be carefully taken down and rebuilt with cob blocks in particular the cottage had a cob extension tacked on the end but it was not tied into the thatched section and is causing concern as to its stability.

Cornish Lime Company will supply all materials needed to undertake the cob restoration works to include lime plastering all internal and external walls using C.L.S 28,30 and 33 grade mixed with hair and 3.5 St Astiers Lime allowing this historical cob cottage to breathe and live on.

Most of the internal doors will be oak ledge n brace, floor finishing will be a mixture of ceramic floor tiles, carpets and oak plank floor boards. The cob cottage floor is a completely different set up as it needs to breath and once the floor has been dug out and reduced we will lay a Geotextile with 150 mm recycled foam glass insulation and a 150 mm limecrete slab with underfloor heating pipes laid before laying the finish floor surface A 75 mm lime/sand screed.

Duration of time on site: 4 Months

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