Many trades’ people make the mistake of using sand and cement to point a stone plinth and stone building, as with cob it needs to breathe. N.H.L 5, Hydraulic lime is used in more damp conditions with the use of Pozzolan added in each mix to achieve a stronger more rapid set. (See Our Work section) For example on Pont Quay, Bodinnick, Fowey, pointing not only makes the stone work, it looks nice and neat but it allows the moisture to escape. It also helps to protect the stone work from erosion,

When pointing, use a lime N.H.L 3.5 – 5 and the sand mix should be workable (not too dry but not too wet) the joints should be damped down and pointed using various pointing tools. Once the pointing is semi-hard (green) it can then be brushed in and a stiffer brush used to compact the lime in place.

Soft lime mortar is best used to protect the stone and also will accommodate the movement of a stone building, whereas cement and sand is more likely to crack with the movement of such buildings, it also produces salt crystals

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