Lime Plastering at Trebuddanon

We provide lime plastering (with hydraulic lime) on internal walls, alcoves, fire surrounds – in fact anywhere that requires a lime coating over the cob surface.

What is Lime Plaster?

Lime plaster is made up of sand, water and lime. There can often be confusion due to the fact that the term lime is used to refer to a huge assortment of different products some of which go by different names that mean the same thing.

What is the difference between Hydraulic Lime and Non Hydraulic Lime?

The first thing that is important to understand is the difference between Hydraulic Lime and Non Hydraulic Lime. The main difference is that hydraulic lime sets via hydrolysis which is the reaction with water whereas non hydraulic lime sets via carbonation which is a reaction with air.

Non Hydraulic Lime is softer and more flexible than it’s hydraulic counterpart and sets at a slower rate. Hydraulic Lime sets faster and is more durable, with similar properties to cement. This makes hydraulic lime ideal for exterior work as a lime render, especially when damp conditions are expected.