Whether using a natural hydraulic lime or a lime putty based mortar, the application technique for both are identical. We carefully choose which lime is most appropriate for the situation, selecting a weaker mix for a weaker, more porous masonry.

We ensure that existing defective pointing is raked out to a depth usually equal to twice the width of the joint, but generally not less than 20mm.

The joints are then dampened, with enough time left for the stone or brick faces to dry to prevent smearing.

We would then start at the top of a wall to allow for cleaning up and spraying to continue as we work down the wall. Joints deeper than 20mm will need an initial dubbing out as shrinkage can occur otherwise. The finish will either be flush or rebated depending on the style of wall, age of property, customer’s wishes etc.

To finish the external pointing will be mist sprayed to control drying and allow protection from direct sun and wind.